Saturday, January 23, 2016

Paperfacets Tea Bag Folding Website A Year Old

This creator is celebrating because my website endeavor is still alive. Yes, It's Alive. Paperfacets Tea Bag Folding website is a priority. Towards the end of last year I did negligent putting new material up, but I was still very much thinking of it and logging on every day. Looking for those much anticipated comments and doing small updates in spelling and sentence structure.

At the beginning of each new year I do get a dose of new enthusiasm for all my online ventures. Looking at Google Analytics made me realize the site is doing fine but in twelve months it has only held even on visits and new visitors. I can not complain because 200-250 visits a month are not bad for tea bag folding. It is not a craft to discover like ten years ago when searches were almost 4,000. Now it is about 450 and my visits are doing okay because there are a few other long standing TBF websites. I am so grateful for the visitors I do have and I am offering reassurances I will be adding new material for those who revisit. Today I added a blog post about a tea bag folding paper website I discovered. Be sure to read it soon.

I was rather busy during December. My mother fell and cracked a hip and broke her arm in two places. She is still going through therapy and we are hoping she will be back on her feet and using the walker soon. I also was preparing for a Christmas event at the Homestead Museum in City of Industry.
I made these colorful tree cards and gift tags to display.

I will be making a goal of adding new keywords to the website and for you that means new pages and posts. Happy New Year and enjoy paper crafts all year.


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