Friday, February 22, 2013

What the Marketplace Offers for Steampunk Style Home Decor

Steampunk style home decor is a look that anybody can afford. If you can mash things together with an artistic touch you would be working in eclectic steampunk. The steampunk look is from the beginnings of scifi, Jules Verne's style, with the touch of Victorian art nouveau and you will not miss the mark of the aesthetic.

The steampunk style has been here in the present era since about the 80's when new scifi writer's coined the word to describe their take on fiction and science. I became aware of the term about 5 years ago.

The look is what I am drawn to. As an artist I use the same kind of mixing for my greeting cards and framed pieces. My creations are not steampunk but I can appreciate the feast the eye encounters when confronted with a rich texture.

I started noticing that many items from other genres can be used to decorate your home or space to fit you steampunk sensibilities. I just went with the fantasy and gathered objects together for my readers as an introduction to this very modern new design idea. The active steampunk fan can pick what they think they can use for their living space to express their steampunk fantasies. I soon had 4 separate pages with my ideas.

Match steampunk, a metallic, shiny, mechanical mix with Mod Vic, modern Victorian, and the marketplace has what you need to steampunk your home.

The series of pages were fun to make and I enjoy keeping them loaded with new items that come onto the market, mainly through Amazon and Ebay, but I look for other web writer's steampunk contributions and offer their links, to give you the richness this genre offers.

Three pages to reap what the general marketplace has to offer for steampunk home decor.

 Steampunk Furniture Choices for the Home

 Create A Steampunk Kitchen

 Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beatles Write Up Has Images Again

An old webpage of mine called The Beatles at Hollywood Bowl 1965 received an author's update that took two days to complete. It is on the Squidoo format and last June 2012 Squidoo and flickr ceased their Internet partnership and Squidoo lenses or web pages had no more hosted images coming from flickr. All the links ceased.

I am still fixing those hosted images and The Beatles lens is my latest fix. There are a lot of fun photos to look at, as they are snapshots of an old scrapbook I started of The Beatles in 1965. It was no time at all and the scrapbook was forgotten, since a dozen other things had to be taken care of.

There is an old typed written story I wrote which I decided needed preserving on the Internet. Now it is added to the World Wide Web, the pictures fixed and more spellings corrected.

This is the newest Beatles photo for the page.

Visit my Beatles story at The Beatles at Hollywood Bowl 1965.


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