Thursday, May 3, 2012

Added New Idea Tip to Paper Rosettes

Make A Paper Flower Rosette Decoration on just got an addition.

If you are familiar with the website you may already know it is loaded with ideas on how to use the zig zag fold using a round piece of paper. The new idea tip is #6. Use this fast technique for greeting card ideas.

With a few pictures I show how to use the Fiskars Easy Squeeze paper punch to make paper rosettes fast and easy. You could have a dozen paper rosettes in an evening using a punch.

See the technique at Using the Easy SQeeze for Card Paper Rosettes - Idea #6

Enjoy tea bag folding and by the way, my new tutorial is Tea Bag Folding for Greeting Card Ideas. Use the tutorial for even more card making ideas.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make an Origami Box with Lid

This origami fan spent many hours folding origami boxes on a camping trip. I started with one box and began thinking about, "What if I did this instead?" When my camping buddy came back from the creek he was a little curious about the pile of boxes. He need not worry about me, I was perfecting this rectangle origami box pattern for website presentation. One can not put any ole thing on the Internet.

The pictures I took that day were not very good, and another set I took at home, the coloring was off. The third set of pictures are the ones I have published on Squidoo.

Each step by step fold is a photo with simple short instructions, so that you will not go off track and become confused with the directions. This is easy and basic origami.

I was very surprised that I received Lens of the Day on Squidoo for this. One well spent day of camping.

Make an Easy Origami Box and Lid

While you are looking at the origami paper box, checkout the So Crafty Magazine by Squidoo. Browse knitting, crafts, scrapbooking and more at this new publication. Join facebook and stay abreast of the latest ideas presented in the colorful and interesting format Squidoo has developed for the Internet. If you have not heard of Squidoo, check it out. The people that created Squidoo make writing on the Internet a social event. There are plenty of writers to give writing advice too.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Purple, Pink and Black Heart Valentine Card

A new greeting card with striking sunset in dark purple, black and pink topping a bright spot of deep yellow. This sunset is a heart in a tangled group of birch and tall sycamore branches outlined in black. A winter sunset framed between two suburban homes.

The picture could say a lot. For an example, "you are a bright spot after the sun sets," or "with you darkness does not exist". Last, "I am in a tangle over you."

You can get these heart greetings at Zazzle. If you like you can customize them inside and out. The card is printed to order on heavy card stock. Go to Zazzle to see all the details.

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