Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hyper Dash A Toy Demise

Being a member of the Squidoo writing community some years ago I started to write about products. I wanted the extra cash the webpage might bring in to my writing on the Internet as a whole. Hyper Dash was one of my first toys to feature. Having the kids move around sounded like a good alternative to computer games that are so popular.

I read everything I could and wrote up my sales lens, as this type of webpage was called on Squidoo. In just a few months the company, Wild Planet, came out with a new version. The original Hyper Dash became less searched for and I considered deleting the page for lack of interest.

In September 2012 I started to see a rise in traffic to the webpage. People were looking for the instructions and I had a link to the company's PDF, so I felt good about being able to help owners of the Hyper Dash Game.

I am not sure when but some time between September and April the link broke. I was pretty disappointed my write up was no longer of any help. I noticed many people were still searching for the instructions and I decided to buy the game again and get the instructions for game owners. I now have a Hyper Dash Game and the owner's instructions. I took pictures of the copy I received with the game and have posted them on the webpage for all owners of Hyper Dash.

Wild Planet's Website is gone, their telephone number disconnected and the instructions are no longer supported as a PDF.

I hope the posted instructions for Hyper Dash will give owners a few more months or years of play from their purchase and the kids get some fun exercise too. The copy of the instructions and my toy review along with my saga of observations on the game is here.

Happy Dashing.


  1. Your link says server hangup for the instructions now :'(

    1. April, the link is fixed. Thank you for calling that to my attention.