Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tea Bag Folding Christmas Tree for Greeting Cards

Two years ago I shared on line the Christmas tree pattern I created for the tea bag folding style of paper crafts. This year it is popular and I have a new layout that I want to share with my fans. Use these two tea bag folding pattern ideas for your handmade Christmas cards.

The basic origami water bomb is used to make a tree shape using 12 tiles, like in TBF (tea bag folding). Fashion a tree stand according to my step by step instructions and you have a handmade embellishment for a Holiday greeting.

On the left is the new layout with the 2nd and 3rd rows (from the bottom) reversed.
The tree on the right is the first pattern. You can get a better shape if you glue the tiles in rows 3 and 4 closer together.

Full instructions are at Tea Bag Folding Christmas Tree for Greeting Cards

I also have a tutorial on a TBF wreath for cards, How to Make Paper folding Christmas Wreaths a paper ornamental star at Paper Frame Holiday or Gift Ornament to Make. Paperfacets Google Profile

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